Annual fee: All new registrations are subject to a yearly membership fee of $25.00 (non-refundable). Membership expires on June 30th of each year. All summer camps and recreational classes starting after June 30th will be charged this fee.

 Discounts: A family discount of 10% second child, 15% third child of the same family (Discounted off the lowest cost program before taxes and membership fee). It does not apply for march break, summer or winter camps.

Class Size and Ratios:  Maximum ratios are 6:1 (athlete to coach) for pre-school and 8:1 recreational.  We reserve the right to combine or cancel a class due to low enrollment.

Attire:  Proper attire must be worn to ensure the safety of all participants…Girls, a gym suit is preferred (long or short tights optional) or shorts and a T-shirt, boys can wear a T-shirt and sport shorts, bare feet and long hair must be tied back.  ABSOLUTELY NO BLUE JEANS, rings, long earrings, necklaces, jean shorts, hoodies or baseball caps (For both safety and not to damage the equipment).

  *Participants wearing inappropriate attire will not be allowed to participate.

Pick up and drop off:  We insist that you come into the building to pick up and /or drop off your child for their programs. Our coaches are not able to supervise them before or after their class as they have to remain in the gym. For obvious safety reasons, no child will be allowed to wait outside the building. Please pick up your child at the scheduled ending of their class. 

Viewing Area:  We have an enclosed area specifically for viewing. Parents, family members, friends or siblings are not allowed in any area of the gym at any time. For insurance and safety reasons only registered members are allowed on the gym floor.  Please do not try to contact your child or their coach during their class, if you need to speak with your child's coach please do so before or after their class.            

 *Parents, it is your responsibility to watch younger or older siblings while in the viewing area, horseplay, yelling or destructive behavior is not permitted in the facility.

Food in the viewing and party room area:  We welcome you to bring outside snacks/drinks for your children but please, if they drop food on the floor please let a staff member know or there is often a broom in the party room area.  Thanks for helping us keep the gym clean for everyone to enjoy.

Safety in the Gym: It is our policy that we reserve the right to remove any participant from our program that may hinder their own development or the development of the other children in our facility by inappropriate behavior. Rudeness, not staying with their group, hitting or unwanted physical contact will not be tolerated. Our hope is that everyone has fun and enjoys the time they have in our facility.

Photography:  For privacy reasons please refrain from taking photos in the gym area.

Cancellation Policy:  If you are not completely satisfied after the first class we will give you a FULL REFUND… no questions asked. Pro-rated refund if canceled after the second or third class (before the fourth class) No refunds after the 4th class.  All refunds are subject to a $20.00 administration fee.

Inclement Weather:  Classes may be canceled due to inclement weather for both children's & staff safety. Sorry, there will be no makeup classes due to inclement weather or power outages.     

Payment Options:  Head Over Heels Gymnastics now accepts registration online via visa & master card.  We also accept cash, debit, visa & master card on site.  

*Sorry, we do not accept cheques or American Express. 

Credit card payment may also be made by phone 705.445.5554

If you have any questions, you can contact us:



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