Schedule & FAQs

Winter session 2022 is 10 weeks long 
( Mondays are 9 weeks as we will be closed for Family Day) 

Please click on the day to see what classes and times are offered.


What are Betting Beavers?

By owning a Betting Beaver you gain access to the best sports betting community with amazing benefits. Beaver owners get daily professional betting picks and can participate on daily prediction contests to win ETH and other prizes like tickets to the NBA,NFL,UFC,ETC.

Release Date?

Betting Beavers will launch in December 2021. The exact date is going to be announced on our Twitter and Discord.

Where can i get one?

You will be able to mint a Betting Beaver on our official website.

Mint Price?

The mint price for each Betting Beaver is 0.05 ETH.

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