Schedule & FAQs

No schedule is available at the moment as we are still unable to run gymnastics classes  since we are still in the Red Zone.

**When registering, click on "categories" to make it easier to find the class you want 


When do classes begin?

Winter classes will begin on Monday January 8th and run until March 13th ( 10 weeks total )

How do I register for classes?

Please visit our How to Register page for detailed instructions.

Is there something parents can do while the kids are in their classes?

YES! There are a few options: Climbers Corner is located in the back corner of the gym. Mon - Fri 4pm - 10pm Sat 10am - 9pm Sun 10am - 6pm Ladies night (Tuesday) and Men's night (Wednesday) includes a day pass and all rentals for $10. Please visit Climber's Corner for more details. Crossfit Mozomo is located next door to Head Over Heels Gymnastics Club. our friends at Crossfit Mozomo Gym have a variety of classes that run at the same time as our gymnastics programs. Please visit Crossfit Mozomo for their schedule.

When will my child learn a cartwheel?

Our programs are based on progressions. We start with foundational exercises that we build upon through each program. Every child is different, and progresses differently than the child next to them. So one child may have a perfect cartwheel, the next may need to build strength in another area before attempting the cartwheel. We will be sending out an email prior to the start of the class with a more detailed description on progressions.

How long does the program run for?

WINTER Programs run for 9 or 10 weeks. A class, for example, on a holiday Monday may be missed. SPRING Programs run for 10 or 12 weeks. A class, for example, on a holiday Monday may be missed. SUMMER Summer camps run from July to August, and fall sessions begin again in September. Visit our Camps page for more details. FALL Programs run for 14 or 15 weeks. A class, for example, on a holiday Monday may be missed. When you are registering for a class, specific dates and times are listed with each class. For more infomation on how to register, head to our How to Register page.

What is "Family Drop-in"?

Every Wednesday morning from 9 am to Noon we offer drop-in play time for parents, tots & kids ages 5 years or younger. This is a great time for little ones to bounce, run, jump and explore all of the amazing gym equipment and interact with other children. This is not a structured class but total free play time! *Not available during school PD days or through July & August *Sorry for safety reasons we must limit this drop in age to a maximum of 5 years old

When do classes end?

All winter classes will finish the week of March 8 - 13th 2021

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